Web 2 / Web 3 / Design / Online Marketing

rawk (Founder)

Rawk, a web design company, was founded in Burgenland in 2009, and since then, it has established itself as an expert in web design, graphic design, and social media. With hundreds of clients served and successful projects completed, Rawk demonstrates its diverse experience. The company has worked with municipalities, cities, as well as large and small businesses in various industries.

A particular focus of Rawk is its specialization in TYPO3, a powerful content management system that is ideal for implementing web projects. The combination of expertise, creativity, and technical competence enables Rawk to develop tailored solutions for each client and create engaging digital experiences. Rawk and its partners place great importance on customer satisfaction and constantly strives to incorporate innovative approaches and current trends in their projects. This continuous development and adaptability have made Rawk a reliable partner in the digital world.

AI x Human Art

Ghost in a Box (Art)

Ghost in a Box is an art project that specializes in connecting various creative disciplines, including digital art, AI art, photography, and blockchain technology. It creates impressive and thought-provoking artworks that harmoniously combine both analog and digital elements. In doing so, it bridges the gap between classical and modern art forms, deepening the understanding of the complex relationships between these seemingly different worlds.

Ghost in a Box also utilizes blockchain technology to create digital artworks that are genuine, limited, and secure, positioning itself at the forefront of a new movement that challenges the structures and values of the traditional art market. Through continuous experimentation and exploration of new technologies, the project expands the boundaries of what is possible and inspires other artists and viewers alike.

The diverse projects and collaborations attest to a deep passion for art and an unwavering pursuit of innovation.

Metaverse Gallery

Landesgalerie (Founder)

Landesgalerie.eth is an innovative virtual art gallery in the Cryptovoxels Metaverse and soon in Otherside, dedicated to promoting digital art, integrating traditional art into the digital world, and exploring the use of AI and VR in art. It offers talented artists a platform to showcase and sell their work as NFTs while supporting groundbreaking projects that harness AI and VR to unlock new dimensions of artistic creativity.

Landesgalerie.eth aims to create a vibrant and diverse community of artists, collectors, and art enthusiasts, encouraging collaboration, networking, and the exchange of ideas. Through exhibitions, workshops, and events, both in the virtual realm and in physical spaces, the gallery brings together like-minded individuals who share its vision for the future of art in the digital age.

As a forward-thinking gallery, Landesgalerie.eth is at the forefront of exploring the convergence of art, technology, and blockchain, promoting cutting-edge projects that challenge conventional notions of artistic expression and redefine the boundaries of creativity.

Bar / Pub

Das Salzamt (Co-Founder)

The Salzamt is a charming venue located in the heart of Eisenstadt’s picturesque city center, founded in autumn 2022. As a designer, I was responsible for developing the corporate identity, logo, and graphic design of the website. Through my work, I contributed to creating a consistent and appealing visual identity for the Salzamt, reflecting the venue’s values and ambiance both online and on-site.

The venue places great emphasis on high-quality beverages such as selected beers, wines, and long drinks, which are highly appreciated by the guests. Additionally, homemade snacks are offered, perfectly complementing a sociable evening. The Salzamt is characterized by its cozy atmosphere, friendly environment, and warmhearted service for the guests, where every visitor feels welcome and comfortable. This project represents an exciting opportunity to apply my skills and design the appearance of a venue, which I proudly include in my list of successful projects.

CoWorking / MakerLab

PanLab (Co-Founder)

PanLab – Pannonian Laboratories is a unique makerspace and association located in Eisenstadt. As one of the four founders, I played a significant role in its inception, but I have since stepped down and now enjoy my involvement as a regular member. The association is dedicated to revitalizing abandoned properties, such as the former ORF outpost it currently occupies.

This remarkable space offers a diverse range of facilities for members, including DeskLab for focused office work, Studio 3 for various projects and events, MakerLab for hands-on creative work, The Control Room for presentations and meetings, a communal kitchen for relaxation and socializing, and a garden for outdoor activities and projects. Members of the PanLab have access to state-of-the-art equipment and can participate in numerous events, workshops, and collaborative opportunities.

PanLab fosters a sense of community and brings together people with different backgrounds and interests, creating an environment where everyone can grow and share their expertise.

Intranet Solutions with Typo3

T3 Intranet (Product)

T3 Intranet Solutions provides comprehensive and smart communication solutions for businesses, based on the powerful open-source CMS TYPO3. Initially designed as an intranet solution for pharmacies, the modular building block system has proven to be a versatile solution for businesses across various industries. It allows for unlimited configuration possibilities and can be adapted and expanded at any time to meet changing requirements. T3 Intranet Solutions facilitates collaboration, improves communication, and increases productivity for employees and teams.

Core functionalities include a clear bulletin board that showcases the current status of topics and discussions within the team, branch and team separation for organizing different workgroups, appointment and task management for efficient planning, notes and contacts for knowledge management, and working hours and vacation management for better resource planning. An integrated messaging system enables fast and targeted exchange of information within the company.